Sunday, March 12, 2023

Some hospitals require "nurses to pay back as much as $15,000 [in training fees] if they quit or are fired before their contract is up"


some nurses say the system has left them feeling trapped in jobs and afraid to speak out about unsafe working conditions for fear of being fired and having to face thousands of dollars in debt.

“These training programs do not provide nurses with any sort of new qualification. Rather, employers are passing on to nurses the cost of basic on the job training that’s required for any RN position at any hospital, and then they’re using these contracts to lock nurses into their jobs or risk this devastating financial penalty”


California passed a law in 2020 that would prevent hospitals from charging employees for job-related training required by the employer that isn’t related to getting a state-mandated license or certification. Still, [the nation’s largest for-profit hospital chain] has continued to send letters to former nurses there..., seeking to collect payment for the training costs, according to collection letters shared with NBC News.