Friday, August 4, 2023

"Famously reclusive" town near San Francisco lost its post office because there's no available building to lease


The unincorporated Marin County community, whose population hovers around 1,500, lost its post office in March following a lease dispute between the US Postal Service and the building’s landlord. 


In another town, this might have been a short-term inconvenience. In Bolinas, it’s a drawn-out disaster with no end in sight. Typically when a post office loses its lease, it just leases out a new building, but Bolinas is a famously reclusive town, which for years has staunchly resisted development. (According to a 1989 LA Times article, Bolinas residents used to steal Caltrans road signs directing motorists to the town in an effort to keep out tourists.) 


[Residents] have no choice but to drive 20 to 40 minutes round trip down winding country roads to collect their mail — a significant barrier to Bolinas’ residents over 65