Monday, August 21, 2023

Today's news and jokes

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Forget winning the super bowl, they haven't participated in the conference championship since 1995

"Charles is king of Australia but as he is yet to travel there since his accession, questions have been raised about the diplomatic implications of William visiting the country before his father has had a chance as the new monarch. The question has also been raised over whether Australia would have been responsible for footing the bill for William’s security costs during his stay"

@joshhankins4 Thou shalt not steal #softballphoto #softballplayers #softballphotoshoot #joshhankinsphotography #sportsphotography #centralpioneers #catcherphotoshoot #catcherphoto #softballcatcher #behindthescenesphotography ♬ CAP - Burrell

@camwhitnall Her little tumble πŸ₯Ή Happy World Elephant Day! #learnontiktok #elephant #wildlife ♬ original sound - Cam Whitnall

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