Friday, August 18, 2023

New Humble Bundle is god-like sims

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Evil Genius 2 sounds like Dungeon Keeper, but you're fighting super spies:
Unwelcome snoops can be dealt with in various ways. In proud Evil Genius tradition, you have a range of eclectic traps to deploy, ranging from freeze rays and giant fans to searing laser grids and shark-infested plunge-pools. Should these fail, you can set the base to High Alert, whereupon your minions will descend upon enemy agents and clobber them into submission. 

My favourite way to deal with Agents, however, is to distract them with the Cover Operation, a glittering Casino front complete with cocktail bars, baccarat tables, stage shows, and much more. Watching a spy get fleeced at one of your roulette tables and head home even more empty handed than when he arrived is incredibly satisfying.