Thursday, August 31, 2023

Today's news and jokes

"Life-size cut-outs of grey langur monkeys - which scare smaller monkeys - have been put up at various places and there are plans to deploy people trained to mimic the animal's sounds."

@coachness45 1min 20 secs is the fastest so far. And the man was gassed 😂 Will keep you posted on the new contender’s time. #miamiairport #miami #runningintheairport #airportruns #race #airport #delayedflight #iwannagohomeeeeeeee ♬ original sound - Lizzie

@pubity The toddler’s SMILE when she finally picked up the leash 😭😭🚨Follow @Pubity for your daily dose of uplifting content 🚨 #Pubity (@Albertsbucketlist via @collab ♬ original sound - soundeffectarchive

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