Thursday, August 10, 2023

Free anthology with a short story from the Murderbot universe

I missed "Take Us to a Better Place" when it was released, but it has short stories by several science fiction authors I like, including a murder mystery on a space station by Martha Wells (no Murderbot, but similar themes).  Free 288-page download at Amazon:

The stories may also spark new ideas about what a healthy future might hold—and how we might get there. The book features the literary talents of Hannah Lillith Assadi (finalist, PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize), Calvin Baker, Frank Bill, Mike McClelland, and Achy Obejas (finalist, PEN/Faulkner); the bold visual storytelling of David Robertson and Selena Goulding; and the searing science fiction/future fiction writing of New York Times best-selling author Yoon Ha Lee (winner, Locus Award), Karen Lord (finalist, Locus Award), futurist Madeline Ashby, and New York Times best-selling author Martha Wells (winner of the Nebula, Hugo and Locus Awards).