Wednesday, August 9, 2023

"The New York divorce coercion gang was a Haredi Jewish group who kidnapped, and in some cases tortured, Jewish men in the New York metropolitan area to force them to grant their wives religious divorces"

Incredible Wikipedia entry, Twitter comments can still be gold.

A bit more from the entry (what's your guess as to when the FBI broke up the group?):
It was in this gray area of halakha (Jewish law) that ..., a rabbi from Brooklyn, New York, Mendel Epstein, began to advocate for women seeking religious divorces from their husbands. Dubbed "The Prodfather" by the press, due to his boast of using a cattle prod against his victims, Epstein coerced these men to divorce their wives through the use of violence. In ____, Father's Rights activist Monty Weinstein staged a protest with 25 people outside Epstein's home, with some carrying signs that read "Stop Mendel Epstein!"