Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Today's news and jokes

From a 1997 article

"for some baffling reason, several major media outlets have decided to support these claims by latching on to an incredibly questionable 'study' by an unknown website that usually spends its time reviewing and promoting cryptocurrency casino websites"

"Photos of the ceremony posted on Facebook show the mayor and his top police brass wearing white aprons representing 'innocence and upright conduct'"

@usopen When she looks at the camera 😭 #dariakasatkina #usopen #tennis ♬ original sound - US Open

@adelimey i brought finley to marina barrage & he is for sure 100% an introvert....my dog loves any kind of paper bags or plastic bags, as long as he fits, he sits. 😭 #petsoftiktok ♬ fish in the pool・花屋敷 - ヘクとパスカル

@rileymosschaos @Tracy Aviary the baby flamingos are my new favorite just because of this floofy little one #babyflamingo #tracyaviary #lookatthelittleflappies #azaaccredited ♬ original sound - Riley ✨

@chelle.vuong Capybara café in Tokyo #tokyo #japan #capybara #capybaralove #capybaratiktok #capybaramemes ♬ Kapibara - Capybara

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