Thursday, January 11, 2024

The LA Times looks at the Industry Indians, a deputy gang based out of the City of Industry sheriff’s station


He said the image resembled the character from Shock Top beer labels, a cartoon face in profile with sunglasses and a mohawk, and that it was something he earned through hard work and compassion. According to the source, he also told investigators his tattoo included the Roman numeral 58 to indicate he was the 58th deputy inked with that image.


“We were shocked by the alleged behavior by our employees involved in that incident,” Sheriff Robert Luna told The Times in a recent interview. “Our investigators did a pretty decent job of at least identifying not only the misconduct that occurred — that in my opinion was outrageous — but then getting to a point where some of these individuals were identified to have like tattoos.”

The existence of the Industry Indians has not previously been made public, and it’s not clear how long the group has existed. Luna said the Bowlium investigation was the first he’d heard of it. 


A 2021 Loyola Law School report identified 18 such groups, known by names like the Grim Reapers, the Banditos and the Executioners. Now, revelations about the Industry Indians show there may be more.