Thursday, July 31, 2008

Preorder J.K. Rowling's "Tales of Beedle the Bard"

Available in two flavors:

*Previously: Harry Potter ends, Sopranos style.

I'd love to spot this in the stairwell at work


Art gallery show featuring state of the art holograms

This show August 13 at the Gnomon Gallery in Los Angeles sounds intriguing:

The Grand Opening show "RabbitHoles" will launch 12 editions of breakthrough artwork by 10 renowned industry artists. The pieces are printed in the amazing form of RabbitHoles state-of-the-art digital motion holograms, which display 1280 frames of full-color, 3D imagery with up to seven seconds of fluid and seamless animation on a completely flat surface.

The jpeg is a photo of a hologram by Meats Meier that will be on display, called the "Siggraph Animation Mother."

Yahoo is offering coupons for free mp3s to make up for closing its music store and servers

More information here, doesn't sound like you need to show proof of purchase to get the coupons.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Impressive demonstration of Soul Calibur IV's character creation engine

Super Mario, Mystique, Solid Snake, Raiden, Blanka, Chun Li, Dr. Doom and more:


"Original Illustrator file of Myst island"

My computer doesn't seem to have the software needed to open the file, but, apparently if you go to this link at Robyn Miller's blog, you can download the original Illustrator file of Myst island, in editable high resolution form.

*Previously: Photos of Robyn Miller's grandfather's workshop.

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Hamlet, written as a series of Facebook entries

"Hamlet (Facebook News Feed Edition)" by Sarah Schmelling for McSweeney's. Here's a sample:

Polonius says Hamlet's crazy ... crazy in love!

Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, and Hamlet are now friends.

Hamlet wonders if he should continue to exist. Or not.

Hamlet thinks Ophelia might be happier in a convent.

Ophelia removed "moody princes" from her interests.

Hamlet posted an event: A Play That's Totally Fictional and In No Way About My Family

The king commented on Hamlet's play: "What is wrong with you?"

Read the whole thing.

*Previously: "Shakespeare hates your emo poems" t-shirt.

*Buy Hamlet posters at eBay.

Some Olympic athletes are tested to make sure of their gender

Tests aren't done on every athlete, just the ones (usually women) whose gender is "in doubt" (think East German weightlifter). Tests in the past have involved physical inspections, but are now genetic tests.

Yes, some athletes have failed the test and been stripped of medals, as described here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Super-Skrull Yoka

Some recent posts at my action figure, miniature, and vinyl toy customizing blog include:

-Evil Ryu Dunny.

-Warhammer 40k Space Marine Munny.

-Super-Skrull Yoka.

*Buy designer vinyl toys at Fugitive Toys.

Flint, Michigan trying to find corporate sponsor for its surveillance cameras

You can sponsor a big logo for $30,000, but they're also willing to put smaller logos, or even names for smaller donations. Supposedly, there's going to be a Paypal link at the city's homepage, but I couldn't find it. Via.

Is this ad homophobic?

This ad by Wieden+Kennedy for the new Nike Hyperdunks seems unobjectionable to me, but Nike has abandoned the billboard campaign due to assertions that it was insensitive to gay men and African-Americans. Via.

Scary: Mostly insiginificant earthquake knocks out cellphone coverage in Los Angeles

You may have heard that there was a 5.4 earthquake in Los Angeles around lunchtime It caused almost no significant damage, and no damage to the cellphone service providers. But cellphone usage spiked enough to disrupt cellphone service.

Canadian Film Fest Posters: funny twists on classic images

Some pretty great parodies of The Birds, The Wizard of Oz, Poltergeist, Superman, and Jaws:

These are from the 2007 and 2006 Canadian Film Fests. Via.

*Previously: Terminator movie poster for the Alamo Drafthouse.

*Choose from thousands of Wizard of Oz collectibles at eBay.

That's one sad Comic Con poster

Lonely (or merely loner) Star Trek fan by Kevin Church.

*Previously: Star Trek teaser posters united.

*Find vintage Star Trek toys and collectibles at eBay.

Warhammer 40k Warhound Titan (made out of Lego)

By Kidthor. Via.

*Previously: The Burger King as a futuristic robot.

*Choose from thousands of Warhammer miniatures at eBay.

The Sims cosplay

Found amidst a whole bunch of San Diego Comic Con photos.

*Previously: Space Invaders costume.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nike Euro 2008 t-shirts by Steve Rura

Several more designs here.  Via.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel (St Michael's Mount) is a tidal island in Normandy, France. The Wikipedia entry details its fascinating history, including this:

Before the construction of the first monastic establishment in the 8th century, the island was called Mont Tombe. According to legend, the archangel Michael appeared to St. Aubert, bishop of Avranches, in 708 and instructed him to build a church on the rocky islet. Aubert repeatedly ignored the angel's instruction, until Michael burned a hole in the bishop's skull with his finger.

Here's photos of the surrounding area and causeway:

Here's shots of the abbey:

Here's the abbey from above:

Here's a few interior shots:

Finally, here's the abbey's official site.

*Previously: O'Brien's Castle in Ireland.

Download mp3s of radio mysteries starring Peter Lorre

You can download several here.

Twitter fortune cookies

Flickr link. And here's Neven Mrgn's blog, where I just learned that Isaac Asimov died of AIDs after contracting HIV from a blood transfusion. Via.

Panda-Z in Lego

By takahamada. Via.

(If you're not familiar with Panza-Z, there's quite a few genuine Panda-Z toys at eBay.)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dan Lyons explains how the news really gets written

No longer blogging as "Fake Steve Jobs," Dan Lyons explains how the news about Steve Jobs' illness got "leaked" to the New York Times, and why it was specifically leaked to John Markoff.

New Watchmen teaser posters seem almost designed to repulse nonfans

Seriously, they might as well yell "If you're not already a huge Watchmen fan, then don't bother coming to see this movie." You can see all of the teaser posters here. Via.

Some of the vintage posters these new posters are based on are on sale at eBay.

Chip Kidd's cover for Brian Greene's "Icarus At The End Of Time"

Spotted at Chip Kidd's blog, where he writes about creating the cover. The book can be preordered at Amazon.

Everyday objects with faces

High-res image here.

*Previously: Pie with a funny face.

Video: Simple trick to do at a bar

Marijuana growers believe Ganesha is their patron saint

The New Yorker has a long, fascinating article about the entrepreneurs who grow medical marijuana in California. This detail stood out:

While Blue napped, I wandered around his apartment, and counted nearly a dozen images and carvings of the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesha. The proliferation of Ganesha dates back to a well-publicized federal bust in January, 2007, when the D.E.A. seized the medicine and cash of eleven pot dispensaries in Los Angeles. The only major dispensary that wasn’t busted had a Ganesha in its window. Now it is hard to find a karmically inclined ganja dealer in Los Angeles who doesn’t own a herd of lucky figurines.

Read the whole article by David Samuels here.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Zen Mozaic

The Mozaic sure looks touchable. More photos and stats here. Via.

Video of leopard fighting a crocodile

The leopard drags the crocodile out of the water, grabs it by the throat, suffocates it, and drags away the carcass. Here's a slideshow:

Here's a gallery of stills. Here's photographer Hal Brindley's personal site. Via.

*Previously: Frog eating mice.

It's illegal for this gay couple to get a divorce

In 2004, Rhode Island residents Cassandra Ormiston and Margaret Chambers drove to Massachusetts and got married. Two years later they decided to get a divorce. Unfortunately for them, the Rhode Island courts don't "recognize" the same-sex marriage and therefore won't give them a divorce. They can't get divorced in Massachusetts either because they're not residents. D'oh. Link.

*Previously: Lawyer finds out the hard way that her clothing's more revealing than she thought.

Beck's art bottle by Riitta Ikonen

You can see more bottles in Beck's "canvas" series here. And here's Ikonen's site. Via.