Monday, June 30, 2008

Gallery of posters by Saul Bass

I particularly like this one for Saint Joan. Gallery. Via.

*Previously: The Star Wars opening credits, if they'd been designed by Saul Bass.

Angry little German soccer fan

If babelfish is to be trusted, he's saying, "not even European champions." Via.

Etsy's 404 Error Page

James White turns the Toyota Matrix into a very desirable car

Direct Flickr links. Beautiful prints available in his store.

*Previously: Scion Crest Generator.

Threadless T-Shirt Design: The End of Summer

End of Summer? - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Comparison: Zombie, Ninja, Pirate footprints

Useful guide from Woot. Via.

GoDaddy Vice President caught bidding against customers in their own domain name auctions


McCain 1908 T-Shirt

On sale at

More photos of Michael Lau's upcoming Gardner figures

045 JORDAN and more here and here.

*Previously: Michael Jordan discusses the time he punched Steve Kerr in the face.

*Buy designer vinyl toys at Fugitive Toys.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Mr. T" and other strange vintage cereal boxes.

Gallery. Via.

*Find vintage A-Team toys at eBay.

"Williamsburg doesn't need a space elevator"

Actually old to the web, but new to me. Spotted here. Here's the official site for the brave men and women of F.E.T.S.E.o.t.N (Fight Extremely Tall Space Elevators on the Northside.)

Wall-E: Best movie ever . . . featuring a creepy guy who

lives in a garbage dump, drugs a girl into unconsciousness after she spurns his romantic advances, ties her up, and takes her bound, comatose body on dates. She falls in love with him.

Whaddya know, a genuinely funny use of lolcats

See the whole comic strip here.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

How To: Create wall art with electrical tape and coloured acetate

Instructions here. Via.

Eve desktop icons (Wall-E)

Download here. Via.

Vintage Skippy Peanut Butter Tin (From the 30's)

Flickr link. Via. How often is the older design better than the new design - - 95% of the time?

None available at eBay right now, although they do have Skippy the Propellerized Robot Dog, from the Tick.

Aliens, Sweded


*Previously: Tron, sweded.

Swedish Furniture Name Generator

Link. Via.

Video of "The Bridge" by Michael Cross

The stepping stones appear one by one, only to disappear after they're needed.

Official site. Via.

Wind God, Thunder God Bearbricks

More photos here. Will be sold at the Tokyo National Museum.

Man, Bearbricks are the worst designer toy platform. Every good design succeeds despite the Bearbrick shape, not because of it.

*Buy Bearbricks at eBay.

Cannibal Girls of the Forbidden Island

Posters by Kevin Dart on sale here. Via Kevin.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Regular old teddy bears made terrifying, in a cute kind of way

Spotted at Flickr. $50 at Etsy. Chelsea Rae's blog.

New photos of Michael Lau's 049 Jordan and 2bb1

More photos here.

*Buy Michael Lau vinyl toys at eBay.

Anthropomorphic Printer

Spotted at Flickr.

This little guy belong in the same world as this furniture.

Mysterious ARG turns out to be an elaborate rickroll

lysistrata at Metafilter:

A few days ago a post appeared on the Something Awful forums noting a curious website called Notes to Mary. The notes are a series of threatening letters from a high schooler named Robert to his crush, Mary. The goons figured out pretty quickly that they had an ARG on their hands and went to work on solving the puzzle. Several other forums picked up on the game. Robert began interacting with players, sending them strange messages and several series of numbers that appeared to be some sort of code. A Flickr pool was started. Players even created an IRC channel to swap clues and information in real time. The Notes to Mary site offered a link to a login. All effort was made to crack the user/pass combo. Finally, several days after the game began, users were finally able to log in. The game was solved. The players would be rewarded for their hard work. Where did the login lead? Here.


Advertising: Old Spice Centaur, Skittles Sheep Boys


Buy centaurs at eBay.

Global Warming Poster by Anita Liu

More like a "beware of giant shark" poster, but still very cool.

*Find vintage movie posters at

Desktop Wallpaper: America the Predator by Josh Keyes

It's official name is "A Thousand Points of Light." Here's the Flickr links for the desktop wallpaper sized images.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Microsoft Windows logo as profanity

Visit this site for Mini, and you'll see a cute graphic of a non-Mini trying to park in a too-small spot. When the driver hits another car, he shouts profanity, which includes the Windows logo. Via.

Best line about the NBA draft

Will Leitch: People say he's very strong and has an "NBA-ready body" (I assume this means he's capable of fathering multiple children with several different women).

Guitar Heroes action figures from McFarlane

Johnny Napalm, Lars Umlaut, Axel Steel, and God of Rock. Read about them here.

*Find a huge selection of McFarlane action figures at Entertainment Earth.

NFL player sets Guiness World Record for scoring points in a video game, playing as himself

Sounds like a story from the Onion, but it's true, Daunte Culpepper did real well in a Madden football game, playing as himself.

Pikmin Plush

Play Asia's got a bunch of plush Pikmin toys, between $10 and $20.

*Previously: Olimar and Pikmin desktop wallpaper.

Takashi Murakami Instant Noodles

I'd buy this in a second if it were real. Student project by Erick Montes.

*Go here to see the Takashi Murakami Trexi I painted.

The Princess and the Pea by Edmund Dulac

Big gallery of Dulac's illustrations of Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales here. The princess is my favorite design on Super Why, which I watch most afternoons with my son.