Sunday, May 31, 2009

American McGee's Alice 2

EA is sponsoring with American McGee and Spicy Horse to create a sequel to American McGee's Alice. There's a gallery of concept art here, although I'm not sure which works are from the first Alice game and which are new.

Other links to explore: American McGee's blog, Spicy Horse official site, and Norman Felchle's website (he created much of the concept art for the original game).

And I took the liberty of turning two of the concept art images into widescreen desktop wallpapers:

*Previously: Alice meets a giant mushroom monster.

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Submarine being attacked by a tentacle monster Dunny

Recent posts at Toycutter, my custom toy blog, include:

1. Master Chief/Warthog Transformer.

2. Gray Fox/Cyborg Ninja Mighty Muggs.

3. Armored Samus action figure.

4. Submariner Munny.

5. Submarine being attacked by a tentacle monster Dunny.

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A Dragon in a Wagon

Click through for high-res scans of the entire Little Golden Book A Dragon in the Wagon and other strange sights. It's illustrated by John Martin Gilbert. I'm not sure if this site is for the same Gilbert, but it's full of neat sculptures, like this one about impotence:

*Previously: Tin steam dragon toy.

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Torn Business Cards, Tiny Business Cards

A torn up business card created by DDB to promote Loctite super glue, which has the slogan, "Don't throw it away. Repair it."

Tiny business cards with suitable slogans related to the website OgilvyOnRecession. Via.

*See more clever business cards here.

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Lego robot centurion; Lego robot Longshoreman

Lego robot centurion
by Moko, just one of many Lego mechs on display in this gallery.

Lego robot Longshoreman by Adrian Florea, who also has many more Lego creations on display in his gallery. Via.

*Previously: Three Lego mechs.

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Mickey Mouse armor

Mickey Mouse-shaped armor suit by Shi Jinsong, as part of his Na Zha Baby Boutique. Highlights from the show include these logo weapons:

and this fearsome stroller:

You can see more from the show here, and read about Shi Jinsong here. Via.

*Previously: Armored beagle, pug.

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The old ninja and chicken gag

Ninja with rubber chicken
and knight and dragon enjoying some teamwork. Two recent drawings posted by Matt Hawkins. See also his gardening robot and lovestruck pirate.

*Previously: Found metal chicken sculpture.

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Coraline doll and Emo Sackboy (link roundup)

Coraline doll and "Emo" Sackboy from Little Big Planet by Jasmin Chappell. Here's her Etsy shop

And a few more links:

1. Speaking of Coraline, recent posts at Evil Buttons include photos from the MCC Theater's Coraline musical.

2. I recently received excellent customer support via email from D-Link for my out of warranty router. It was kind of stunning actually - - within less than 12 hours, I had a concise, easy to follow answer that solved my problem.

3. On the other hand, I don't think I ever got around to mentioning the terrible customer support I got from Pro-Form for my new treadmill. When I put it together, I discovered that several of the holes were too small for the screws. My wife emailed Pro-Form, asking for advice, but received no response. I pretty quickly found reviews about various Pro-Form products complaining about the same problem with the screws. So, buyer beware. (Eventually, I forced the screws more or less in. And the treadmill works fine.)

4. Cosmic Lily Serv-O-Matics chase figure. You can preorder Serv-O-Matics at Tenacious Toys, which is giving away a Dunny with orders this week.

*Previously: Emo dating chat.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lake Monster

"Seaweed" Lake Monster sculpted by Chris Ryniak with paint by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi, available at Rotofugi on Friday, June 5. Price not yet specified.

*Previously: Logo for the Lake Eerie Monsters.

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Frank Zieglar draws himself as Dr. Manhattan (link roundup)

Frank Zieglar draws himself as Dr. Manhattan. Via.

And a few more links:

1. A photo of Pete Rose you can't unsee.

2. There's a minisite promoting the release of Ghostbusters on BluRay, including a contest. Worth a look to see how Harold Ramis looks now.

3. "Mysterious 'ice circles' in remote Siberian lake baffle scientists." Check out the photos. Via these sites.

4. One of my favorite political bloggers is "Big Tent Democrat." Here's a few examples why.

*Previously: Forget ice, cool your drink with Nordic Rocks.

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Tree monster (link roundup)

eye 2 eye by *FilthyLuker on deviantART

Tree monster.

And a few more links:

1. Clever "book cover" for Gremlins.

2. Long interview with kidrobot's Paul Budnitz. Interesting throughout, particularly when he describes the one-eyed, non-English-speaking, Chinese sculptor who creates kidrobot's models out of wax.

3. James White posted a new desktop wallpaper.

4. iO9 complains about HBO's fake Gawker/vampire blog.

*Previously: Polish Gremlins poster.

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Creepy Bull Terriers (link roundup)

Bull Terrier with mask and piranhas in his stomach. Both by Mr. Klevra, and don't miss his many-eyed bird monster.

And a few more links:

1. Lifehacker sums up the cool tools their writers carry around, including the specific programs kept on flash drives.

2. Devil Summoner paper toys.

3. Vampire Savior paper toys.

4. Meet the reclusive billionaire twins who own the Daily Telegraph and live in a castle on a private island.

*Previously: Adorable Boston Terrier desktop wallpaper.

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Found item Enterprise (link roundup)

Found item Enterprise. It lights up. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Sculpture of some creepy folks in love.

2. The crew of Futurama in their ship animated emoticon.

3. "The Vulcan greeting is based upon a blessing gesture used by the kohanim (koe-hah-NEEM) during the worship service. The kohanim are the genealogical descendants of the Jewish priests who served in the Jerusalem Temple." Link.

4. Little Big Planet's Sackboy dressed as Dracula, Lady Vampire, Werewolf, and Zombie.

*Previously: Sackboy as Kratos desktop wallpaper.

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Horror novel written on toilet paper (link roundup)

Genius. Video game companies pay a premium for exclusive content. Why not toilet paper makers? Koji Suzuki was commissioned to create a horror novel to be printed on toilet paper. More details here. Via.

And a few more stale links:

1. Fun ads - - can you spot the unicorn and Superman?

2. It's now illegal to smile on your driver's license photo in Arkansas, Indiana, Nevada and Virginia.

3. Rainbow zombie animated gif.

4. Supposedly the Church of Scientology has been banned from making edits to Wikipedia. Via.

*Previously: Rainbow-farting unicorns to star in Diablo III.

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Papercraft Army of Death Soldier

Army of Death Soldier paper toy by Maarten Janssens. Download it here.

And the same site has various zombie-themed items for sale on the sidebar:


*Previously: US vs Commies Plastic Toy Soldier Set.

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Dave McKean art for sale

Rocket ships, centaurs, and lots more original art by Dave McKean on sale at Petits Papiers. Look under "Mac Kean."

*Previously: McKean's cover for the Fat Duck Cookbook.

*Buy Dave McKean art at eBay.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Flight of the Conchords concert poster

Flight of the Conchords concert poster by Tyler Stout going on sale Monday, June 1st, at noon PST.

*Previously: Spy plane to recharge itself by hanging on a power line?

*Buy concert posters at eBay.

Chibi Robo figurine

Chibi Robo figurine by KodyKoala.

*Previously: Tentacled robot.

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Up papercraft

Go here to download papercraft versions of Carl, Russell, and the house with balloons from Pixar's Up.

*Previously: Up concept art.

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Photos of Clifton's

One of my coworkers was trying to convince me to go to Clifton's Cafeteria this week. But one visit was more than enough. Coincidentally, Scott Beale of Laughing Squid posted a bunch of photos of the bizarre decor.

*Previously: T-Rex Restaurant.

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