Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Lost sketches by Graham Annable (link roundup)

Graham Annable posted several new Lost sketches. (Boy, last night's episode was terrible. Nothing more than treading water for 60 minutes.)

And a few more links:

1. There's some nice desktop wallpapers at the Stark Expo 2010 Iron Man 2 site. Via.

2. Birdhouses that look like seedy establishments.

3. Borg Cube paper toy. Via.

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Game Over by Lucy Knisley

A panel from Lucy Knisley's latest comic about the end of a romantic relationship.

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Fargo/Bullit mashup (link roundup)

Fargo/Bullit mashup
by Mike Puncekar. See also: Redesigned Street Fighter characters.

And a few more links:

1. Angus MacLane posted more Lego CubeDudes: Dreadnocks from G.I. Joe, The Atom, Namor, and Plastic Man.

2. Star Wars toy patents. Via.

3. I was pretty disappointed with Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon. The dragon designs are lackluster, and the story is cliched and manipulative (as basic as having a mean person kick a puppy to make you feel sad). I have no desire to see any moment of it again. My 3 and 5 year olds barely tolerated it. Cartoonists, it's time for a story that's not about the hottest girl throwing herself at the super geek. You could do young boys a service by suggesting realistic techniques for winning a girl's heart. You know - - something other than using a dragon to abduct them.

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Cars and robots

Cars, robots, and gas masks star in Max Grundy's "Out of Order" show opening this week at La Luz de Jesus gallery in Hollywood.

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Concert posters by Methane Studios

Concert posters for Sharon Jones, Grizzly Bear, Dave Matthews Band, Midlake, Stockholm Syndrome, and Electric Six by Methane Studios.

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Victorious Predator statue

"Hunt for Hunt" Predator with severed Alien head sculpture by Narin, painted by Joe Dunaway. Joe accepts commissions, and you might be able to buy the kit or similar statue here or here.

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Fresh interpretations of Alice in Wonderland

Print invited four motion-graphics artists to storyboard their favorite scenes from Alice in Wonderland. Below are a few of my favorite panels:

Advice from a Caterpillar by Sebastian Onufszak.

The Pool of Tears by Brian Gossett.

The Queen's Croquet Ground by Tavo Ponce.

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The Monopoly Man runs amok (and more)

A few modified signs from the TrustoCorp Flickr pool. Via.

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Alice in Wonderland at Canteen Art Shop

A few highlights from the Two Days Slow: an Alice in Wonderland Showcase at Canteen Art Shop:

Bennett Slater.

David DeGrand.

Stefan Grambart.

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Tenebrae sculpt; Tik Tok Apocalypse ratio

Sculpt of Almond, "a young and powerful ginger witch from the Pentacle Village" - - one of Patricio Oliver's Tenebrae.

Tic Toc Apocalypse Mini Series Ratio. Via.

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Noma Bar's work in 3-D

Noma Bar has a solo show opening today at KK Outlet. Via.

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Kevin Smith posters and more by The Silent Giants

Posters for Kevin Smith, Spoon, and The Death Weather by The Silent Giants. The Kevin Smith posters are on sale for $30 right now. Via.

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Shoes, shoes, shoes

Converse All-Stars by Alexander M. Gonska, who welcomes commissions on all sorts of surfaces.

Nike Air Lunar Rejuven8. Via.

Atmos X Adidas glow-in-the-dark Super Star 80s.

Red shoes.

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