Sunday, March 11, 2012

"How I Helped Destroy Star Wars Galaxies"

Patrick Desjardins describes how he made "almost a six-figure salary" playing Star Wars Galaxies. His downfall was appropriately cinematic:

After almost two years, I could see that this would not last. Player counts were dropping; the game was being mishandled more and more. When they did away with the holo-grinding, it wrecked a large part of my business model. And again, when the Jedi-village went live, it was the final nail. No one needed to spend vast amounts on anything any more. You could just become a Jedi from a quest chain.

I started shutting down my enterprise. I had bought and sold dozens and dozens of accounts, billions of credits; for the remaining players on my servers, my accounts were fixtures. They were how they functioned, they were how they survived. Most had no clue it was one person pulling all these strings, and in the end, I liked it that way. I stopped “playing” the day I was killed in Theed starport by a fresh new Jedi who didn’t understand how to even play the game.

I couldn’t even bring myself to fight back. I just stood there. I was one of the few true Dark Jedi Masters, and I let him kill me.

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  1. Although I am mostly enjoying SWTOR, reading this article makes me think of what I miss the most about SWG. The idea that you could make a lasting impression in the game world? Having the best-decorated house... sporting the coolest armor you either crafted or hunted countless hours for... having the most convenient or best laid-out player city... the cleverest custom vendors? Player structures/ guild halls/ cities are sorely missed.