Friday, January 4, 2013

Link roundup

1.  LA Times:

An appeals court ruling invalidating a rape conviction in California has sparked debate and was described by one legal expert as "bizarre." 
A man who impersonates someone in order to have sexual intercourse may be guilty of rape only if the victim was married and the man was pretending to be her husband, a state appeals court has ruled.

2.  HuffPost:
Frustrated by his adult son's incessant gaming habit, a man in China reportedly hired a number of in-game master "hitmen" to annihilate his son's avatar over and over again in an attempt to deter him from playing.

3.  WRM:
Saudi Arabia’s budget has grown by 58 percent since the Arab Spring, with massive welfare and public spending driving the growth. 
Even as popular uprisings rocked neighboring Bahrain and Oman and toppled an ally in Egypt, the richest gulf monarchy remained unscathed. But rising housing and food prices, youth unemployment, and other expensive problems are forcing the kingdom’s hand this year—to the tune of $219 billion.
4.  Gizmodo:
Best Buy dropped the price of the 16GB iPhone 5 to $150 last month, and Walmart bested that with a $127 iPhone. Now Best Buy says lost a whole $65,000 on this one product in just one day because it was forced go meet that lower price.
5.  Penelope Trunk describing her friend:
I have to explain that Melissa’s idea of fulfillment is sitting on the sofa, reading the New Yorker, and then other reading that’s within reach of the the far corner, which is the spot in every sofa in any room that she will choose to sit. She requires that every three hours there is someone to hear her output. That is, she has synthesized the information and determined what is important for people to know, and she needs them to respond to her. She needs someone to say, “Yeah, that’s a good one.”
That's a pretty good definition for "blogger."