Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Link roundup

1. M. Night Shyamalan is developing a Twin Peaks style tv series titled Wayward Pines, adapted from the book Pines, which is $4 at Amazon.

2. Daniel Day-Lewis originally turned down Lincoln with an incredibly gracious letter.

 3. I saw this headline yesterday:

How Does Shutterfly Still Exist
Anyone who coaches a team (or has a child on a team) knows it's perfect for setting up a team site, with private photo sharing, scheduling, automatic email reminders, etc. Fast, reliable, simple.

4.  Why Final Fantasy Tactics was so brilliant:
"The thing I like best about FFT is how it's not afraid to let the player power up and essentially break everything," he said. "While it's important to have a balanced combat system in a multiplayer game, it's not nearly as important in a single-player game. FFT says "to hell with balance!" and gives you a set of fascinating systems that you can bend to your will.
This was true of some of the Advance Wars games, too.  With the right power ups, you could essentially break the level design and dominate.


  1. i use shutterfly all the time to get prints. i don't have a photo printer and get mailers for penny prints and free shipping all the time. also they do pickups at walgreens, i think. i don't print pics often, so $3 every couple months is worth not paying for a brand new printer.

  2. Yeah, my wife is the "chief memory officer" type described in the article, scoring deals on photo books for the grandparents.

  3. I wish Gearbox had the same philosophy about Borderlands. They just patched the game and nerfed all "the best stuff" because people were killing bosses too quickly. Now it's hard to just deal with the scrubs let alone the bosses even at top level with the best gear. Also the classes aren't different enough to be interesting or play very different.

    1. The problem there is that it's multiplayer, right?

      I was playing Reckless Racing 2 for iOS - - single player as far as I could tell. Fun racing game and you upgrade your cars as you go. But when you try to start a race, it's constantly telling you your car is too good. You have to remove upgrades from your car piece by piece, guessing if you've dumbed it down enough to allowed to use it. I ended up stopping playing because it was so frustrating.

  4. FF Tactics remains one of my top 3 favorite video games ever. And that is one key reason why it's so great and has such vast replay value. The diversity of "jobs" is also key, as is the plot. Tactics Ogre is very similar, and almost as good.

    I also largely prefer turn-based to real-time, and am not interested in multiplayer; any recommendations? Agreed about Advance Wars also being great, and Baldur's Gate is also in my top 3. The Fire Emblem games are also really good in this vein, as is Highborn and Eustrath for ios.

  5. No, unfortunately. Hoping Wasteland 2 will be good (Fallout 1 and 2 are also among my favorite turn based RPGs).