Saturday, October 17, 2015

Link roundup

1. Warren Buffett on investing in Silicon Valley:

And what about Silicon Valley and the startup world—does Buffett want a piece of a unicorn? “I don’t bring anything to that game at all,” he said, noting that the valuations of many tech startups are “nose-bleed” by Berkshire’s standards. While technology is certainly one of the hottest sectors going, Buffett says he’ll leave it to the VCs: “It’s just a game that doesn’t appeal to me.”
2. "British reality shows are always so horrifying. The Hunted – they made Enemy of the State into a reality show…?"

3. "UPDATE: Facebook User, Asif, Regains Friendship With Scorned Ex-Best Friend, Mudasir"

4. Generations Leader Jetfire on sale for $29.99 (instead of $46.99).