Monday, October 12, 2015

Link roundup

1. Olly Moss:
I watched a Youtube tutorial about how to recreate one of my pieces. Holy shit that video tought me so much about Photoshop.
2. NYT:
That was days after Calvert, 29, had repeatedly been challenged for head-to-head play in another game, on the website FanDuel, by a Rick Sawyer. After checking a search engine, Calvert said, he found that Sawyer was actually a business planning manager at DraftKings.

“I could only think that he had watched my DraftKings account and had me pegged as a suboptimal player,” Calvert said. “I felt like a moron.”

Calvert said it was “pretty obvious that with insider information and access to top players,” players like him would not have a chance in the long run.