Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Link roundup

1. TA:
The sand that we use to make buildings is finite just like any other resource, there is only so much of it. Now we are churning through it at an alarming rate, 40 billion tons per year. The sand of deserts is no good for construction, only certain sand will do, mainly granite. The sand that is already concrete can never be destroyed and reconstituted, its chemical reactions are permanent. A time will come in the not too distant future where no more concrete as we currently know it will be able to be used to build the structures in which we live. Illegal trade in construction sand has killed as many people as the cocaine wars in South America.
2. Joseph Kahn (best director):
So @mtv just told me I can't get any moonmen statues I won because they ran out this year. Oh well. I should have waited in line.
3. Arabic-speaking street artists hired to decorate sets for the TV series Homeland posted anti-Homeland graffiti.