Monday, October 19, 2015

Link roundup

1. On the love for zombie apocalypse stories:

When people say "I'd love to be in the zombie apocalypse!" They're basically saying, "I'd love to go on a killing spree and not feel bad about it"
Apocalyptic literature seems to have a special draw to those who like frontiers. The United States grew up as a frontier-country, and that spirit still has traction in our psyche.
What the zombie apocalypse, doomsday, and the breakdown of society do, is wipe away a century of barbed wire fences--returning the atmosphere to that of a frontier where we can forge our own destinies and stuff.
2.  The NYTimes responds to Amazon:
Bo Olson
If there were criminal charges against him, or some formal accusation of wrongdoing, we would certainly consider that. If we had known his status was contested, we would have said so.
3. Lego Bottle City of Kandor.

4. The latest (and my favorite so far) in a series of Soma-inspired short stories.

5. Chappie [Blu-ray] is $7.50 at Amazon.