Thursday, October 22, 2015

Link roundup

1. AMA with the makers of Until Dawn:

Q: Is the rumor about an Until Dawn DLC on-rails first person shooter for PSVR titled "Rush of Blood" true? If so, are you developing it?
A: We're not able to discuss these rumours today. Sorry.
(They were on The Indoor Kids podcast this week, too.)

2. "Why every horror film of 1980's was built on Indian burial grounds"
there is no Indian burial ground in Poltergeist.

3. There's a new iOS NBA game described as Space Jam meets Angry Birds, and you start with Lakers Roy Hibbert and Hornets Kemba Walker.

4. 50% items from Leigh Alexander's webstore with the code "happybirthday". Mona is terrific.  Clipping Through is good, too.