Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Link roundup

1. Suggested Blade Runner Voight-Kampff Tests. And part 2.

2. NYT:

How many constitutional violations will it take before the New Orleans district attorney’s office is held to account for the culture of negligence and outright dishonesty that has pervaded it for decades?

In dozens of cases over the years, the office — largely under the command of former District Attorney Harry Connick, Sr. — failed to turn over material to defense lawyers that would have helped their clients.
3. "A Small Indiana Town Scarred by a Trusted Doctor":
Mrs. Davidson is now one of 293 patients around Munster, Ind., who have filed lawsuits against Dr. Gandhi and two other doctors in his practice claiming that they performed needless procedures.
4. A positive review of the Portal board game (which is available at Amazon):
Oh, I really really enjoyed playing this game. It is smart, nasty, funny and fast.