Saturday, January 17, 2015

Reserve your name at the .RIP domain before some squatter seizes it...

Not sure if a joke or not:
A respectful domain name for remembering loved ones

The .RIP domain name is intended for remembering and paying respects to the deceased. It can also be useful to certain businesses and professions, such as funeral homes, mortuaries, and grief counselors.

It’s common to create “in memoriam” pages on Facebook. With the .RIP domain name, you can register an easy-to-remember web address, and then forward it to a Facebook page, making it much easier to share with friends and family.

Crematoriums, casket and headstone makers, churches, and cemeteries are among the businesses and organizations that can benefit from a .RIP domain name.

Celebrities and public figures may find it worthwhile to register their names as .RIP domain names to protect their identities and avoid hoaxes.