Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Two good podcast episodes I listened to today

"This Website Is For Sale" by Reply All:
This week we enter the mysterious, Byzantine underworld of domain sales, where people make money speculating on the website naming market. A few years ago, the owners of the popular journalism website blundered into this world when they innocently tried to procure In this episode, we find out about their misadventures, and we hear from the Derek Jeter of URL purchases.
"The Rest Of The Story, 2014 Edition" by Planet Money:
Sometimes all you can say at the end of a story is "time will tell." Today on the show, time has told. We follow up on our favorite stories of 2014 to find out what happened after we turned off our recorders.

We follow up on one of the boldest plans of the year: one man's plan to reform all of campaign finance. We see if the new website endings, or top level domains, like .ninja, .wed and .xyz have gained a foothold. Also, we learn the key to passing one of the hardest classes at community college.