Sunday, August 16, 2015

Link roundup

1. List of scientists who saved billions of lives.

2. "Once upon a time, in the year 2007, people were really excited about Second Life."
Colleges were among those that bought the hype of the Linden Lab-developed virtual world. Many universities set up their own private islands to engage students; some even held classes within Second Life.

Most of these virtual universities are gone –– it costs almost $300 per month to host your own island –– but it turns out a handful remain as ghost towns. I decided to travel through several of the campuses, to see what’s happening in Second Life college-world in 2015
3. Ind:
Anish Kapoor: Chinese authorities plagiarised my Cloud Gate sculpture
The artist has vowed legal action against the oil town Karamay, arguing that the new commission is a copy of Cloud Gate
4. "The Honolulu Art Museum sued a donor for $880,000, claiming he cannot prove the art for which it has been paying him $80,000 a year did not come from a smuggling ring."

5. "Later I got home and worked my Google and quickly discovered that I’d learned a brand new lesson in drug paraphernalia. The term 'rose in a glass' does in fact refer to just that, a silk rose in a glass tube, purchased in bulk from vendors in China. The rose, however, is incidental, because it’s the glass that serves the purpose the young lady at the store wanted to use it for — as a crack pipe."

6. Masters of The Universe He-Man Inflatable Power Sword available for preorder.