Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Link roundup

1. "Masked Men Armed With Assault Rifles Rob Rolex Store in Century City, Get Away"

2. CA:
During the panel Walker, a black man, mentioned something about the character that I had never considered; [DC Comics hero] Cyborg is an emasculated black man. In his New 52 origin story, he lost the entire bottom half of his body, which means that before becoming Cyborg, he was castrated.
3. TA on Uber slowly replacing mass transit:
For instance, in the case of Obamacare, the interests of the poor, who need universal healthcare, have become aligned with the rich, whose companies have, in recent years, increasingly relied on independent contractors or part-time labor rather than full-time employees to reduce costs and increase profits; Obamacare has effectively accelerated the erosion of the concept of full-time employment in its fulfillment of one of the the former social obligations of employers. Put another way, why hire an employee and pay for their healthcare and social security when you can hire an independent contractor and let the worker and the government split the cost?
4. "'Aloha': Reliving This Decade’s Worst Movie Catastrophe"
It is not socially acceptable for a grown man to watch a twelve-year-old girl in her dance class for an extended period of time, through glass, from the street.