Saturday, August 22, 2015

Link roundup

1. Grantland:
Hustlers flutter around sports teams in every city. Sometimes they get deeply entwined in the operations. Financial fraud landed former L.A. Kings owner Bruce McNall and former Nashville Predators owner William “Boots” Del Biaggo III in prison. Baseball fan Bernie Madoff propped up the New York Mets with the largest Ponzi scheme in American history. Not two years ago, a judge ordered Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf to pay $84.5 million to resolve a real estate fraud described as “organized crime-type activities.” The IRS and the FBI raided a truck stop company run by Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, and the company later agreed to pay a $92 million fine to avoid prosecution.
2. The Awl:
A number of people on Twitter complained that this was their first-ever WhatsApp spam; others noted that the spam was fairly obviously an attempt to pump and dump a low-cap stock in a new and novel way.
Correct. Bitcoin penny stocks.
3. "Bulgogi + Scallion Pancakes + Quesadillas = The Ultimate Fusion Snack"