Monday, May 2, 2016

Link roundup

1. James Harvey withdrew his post suggesting DC Comics didn't know how to properly color Frank Miller's new Dark Knight work:
It’s been pointed out to me that Frank chose his own colourists on the DKIII project. So for this and other reasons I regret that clickbaity headline- “DC Don’t Know What To Do With His Work”. DC aren’t a monolithic entity! I knew that. They’re a company, comprised of a collection of people all with their own points of view.

Making the transition from rando dude with a blog to industry professional is often a game of knowing where the appropriateness line is and knowing what side of it to be on in any given circumstance, and as a person with a lot of opinions and Stuff To Say that line can often get away from you.
2. But Ryan North points out:
Colour and colourists are so important to the finished work! Their names should be on the cover of the comic with everyone else (they sometimes are, but not always). Whether you prefer the originals or the edits, you’re still recognizing how a different colour style can entirely change the tone and presentation of the work.
3. Relatedly, animating 60's Dr. Strange art.