Friday, May 6, 2016

Link roundup

1. "It's called The Void, and it's the most exciting virtual reality experience I've had yet."
More troubling than the visual experience, though, was the fact that I felt like I'd walked hundreds of feet. But in reality, I was still standing outside a tiny Void stage that was roughly 30 feet on each side.

The real secret to The Void isn't the surreptitiously placed fans and heaters on the inside. It's not the airbags that drop you unexpectedly or the fishing line that brushes against your skin.

It's the fact that you can walk literally forever and never leave that 30-by-30 room.
2. John Le Carre discusses The Night Manager, and the decision to recast a male character with a woman.

3. "The Arizona Coyotes will promote 26-year-old John Chayka to general manager, making him the youngest GM in NHL history"