Sunday, May 8, 2016

Link roundup

1. "'Attractive' Scam Artist Used Online Dating Sites To Commit Fraud, Police Say"
Once she gleaned information about the victim’s personal connections, she moved on to steal the identities of their relatives and friends.
After assuming an identity without permission, Suspect Johnson moved into high-end hotels and charged up thousands of dollars’ worth of goods and services.
2. "How Mexican Twitter Bots Shut Down Dissent"
#RompeElMiedo is used by a network of journalists, activists and human rights defenders to document human rights abuses in Mexico during protests, she told the audience. Bots entered the hashtag 20-30 minutes later and filled the hashtag with spam. Gallagher called this tactic hashtag spamming, or hashtag poisoning.
3. "NestlĂ©’s goal is to redefine itself as a scientifically driven “nutrition, health, and wellness company,” the kind that can thrive in a world where regulators may look at Butterfingers not so differently from Benson & Hedges."
If this vision is realized, a visit to the family doctor in a decade’s time might end with a prescription for a tasty NestlĂ© shake for heart trouble or a recommendation for an FDA-approved tea to strengthen aging joints. The company would expand from the vending machine and supermarket to the pharmacy, doctor’s office, and hospital.