Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"another controversy that has dogged him of late: his exclusive right to the nanosubstance known as Vantablack, the 'blackest black' known to humanity"

The black, which he read about in the paper and immediately thought “this is for me,” is a series of tubes that essentially strip light from the world. Manufactured for use masking stealth airplanes and in telescopes, Kapoor said the creators hadn’t thought about the visual implications of the black until he called them up. Given his interest in “void forms,” he had to know more about a color—it’s not a pigment, mind you—that traps light. “Quite a good story, right?” Kapoor asked. He said the mythological quality of this black interested him almost as much as the aesthetics.


Later, Walker pointed out that since the color only exists in a incubator and must be made in a sort of reactor, the next step is figuring out how to even display it. “It can’t be touched,” for now, she said. The nanotubes—only a few microns thick—are too delicate, though they are utterly dust resistant.