Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"'G.I. Joe': The Story of the Cartoon That Sold Wartime Heroics to a Generation of Kids"

Hasbro sent me the shrink-packed action figures, but there was no story yet. I decided to create these groups of families. I created the bad family, who was Cobra, to whom I gave the battle cry, "Co-bra!" and the good family, to whom I gave the battle cry, "Yo Joe!" I determined who was big daddy, who was the wayward uncle, who was the snotty teenager, who was the mama, who was the swing character who does dumb shit. I also wanted more female characters, so I created Scarlett, Lady Jaye. I felt they needed more women because I knew girls who loved animation and loved superheroes.


Morgan Lofting, The Baroness: In the audition, I screamed, "Co-bra!!!" at the top of my lungs. And I think they went, "Her. She looks like she's willing to go to the wall."