Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Event[0] Launch Trailer

"In a world where humankind has embraced artificial intelligence, you are stranded on an abandoned spaceship.

Event[0] is a game about building a personal relationship with a machine."

Destructoid said:
Event[0] is a short game. It’s the kind of game you play from start to finish in a single sitting over the course of an evening. While there are multiple endings to see and a broad range of reactions and attitudes to cultivate from Kaizen by interacting with him differently, I didn’t feel the need to go back and see the others. I liked my experience, the story it told, and where it ended up. I enjoyed being familiar with Kaizen and building a friendly relationship with it. I wouldn’t want to go back to the beginning and be a jerk to it just to see how things might have shook out differently. I don’t think I could bear to do that to the poor guy.

More than anything, I think that’s a testament to what the Ocelot Society has accomplished with Event[0]. The developers built a fake world with a fake A.I. and here I am worried about hurting its feelings. There is something special about that, something more important that quibbling about playtime or the occasional hiccup.