Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"Why is Aikman mad" at Skip Bayless?

If there’s one fact repeatedly cited in critiques of Bayless . . . it’s this: 20 years ago, Bayless may or may not have claimed in a book that Aikman was gay. I hesitate to wade into the minefield. But it’s worth revisiting what Bayless actually wrote in 1996, because it’s a little more complicated than the way it’s being portrayed.


But the “Switzer camp” kept telling Bayless the rumor did matter. From Page 188:
Maybe I imagined this, but I began to feel subtle pressure from the Switzer camp to “tell the truth” about what a “fraud” Troy is. In December, Switzer supporters would wonder if “the truth” about Troy had made him a “very troubled young man” and helped cause his slump. My response: “What exactly am I supposed to tell the truth about?” I had no proof of “the truth.”