Monday, March 20, 2017

"The unusual train track passes directly through the 19-storey residential building in the 'emerging mega-city' of Chongqing"

"Noise reduction equipment installed at the station means the train only makes the same noise as a standard dishwasher."

Relatedly, authorities are bricking over undesirable stores in Beijing:
On Thursday morning, the piles of bricks that currently sit ominously every 10 meters or so on the west side of the road from Taikoo Li up to Gongti Beilu will be used to erect a wall in front of the shops that remain.


Creating a brick wall that cuts off normal access to these businesses is one way of doing this; it relieves the city of the burden of attempting to evict the commercial tenants, yet makes it next to impossible for customers to find their way into the shops.