Friday, July 28, 2017

"Procter & Gamble Co. said that its move to cut more than $100 million in digital marketing spend in the June quarter had little impact on its business"

The company about a year ago said that it would move away from ads on Facebook that target specific consumers, after finding that ultra-niche targeting compromises reach and has limited effectiveness


The cuts echo marketing executives’ mounting concerns around the efficacy of digital advertising and the growing perception that they are wasting money on digital ads that never reach their intended audience
page owners without expensive video production capabilities have come up with a sneaky way to create videos that aren't really videos — and they're absolutely killing it in the [Facebook] News Feed.

The secret? Take a static image and turn it into a video!

This "video" has generated more than 11 million views on Facebook since being posted roughly three weeks ago. It's a meme that has been turned into a 35-second video by...showing a static image of the meme for 35 seconds.