Monday, July 31, 2017

"Defensive tackle says he and other black teammates had trouble renting homes when they relocated from San Diego"

While Mebane researched neighborhoods, he didn’t give much thought to the racial makeup of Irvine, a city of just over 250,000 people located 42 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

The Asian population in Irvine last year increased to 45 percent, surpassing whites for the first time and making the city “the largest city in the continental United States with an Asian plurality.”

Black residents of Irvine? They’re virtually nonexistent. Yet, even if Mebane had known the African-American population in Irvine was 1.8 percent, he wouldn’t have been concerned. He was a football player with multiple multimillion-dollar contracts behind him.

“For us,” Mebane said, “it was just find the right place where we would be comfortable.”