Monday, July 31, 2017

"Uzbekistan Reveals That Ex-Leader’s Daughter Is in Custody"

Ms. Karimova disappeared from public view in 2014, and was convicted the next year of extortion and embezzlement charges, but until Friday’s announcement the Uzbek authorities had not commented on her status. The prosecutors said that Ms. Karimova was currently in custody, and that she was facing additional criminal charges. They did not specify the location or conditions of her detention.

Ms. Karimova, 45, was once one of the most influential public figures in Uzbekistan, second only to her father, Islam Karimov, the authoritarian leader of the Central Asian country from 1989, when it was still a Soviet republic, until his death last year.

Often appearing at odds with her country’s ultraconservative culture, Ms. Karimova actively promoted herself as an international pop star and designer, performing under the stage name Googoosha