Monday, July 10, 2017

"Spotify Denies It's Playlisting Fake Artists. So Why Are All These Fake Artists On Its Playlists?"

Put it this way: if an act on Spotify has millions of streams from just a couple of tracks, but no other internet presence whatsoever, wouldn’t that strike you as odd?

No Facebook, no Twitter, no ReverbNation page, no homepage, no SoundCloud?

What about if they had no manager/lawyer and no industry relationships? And seemingly, according to their Spotify credits, personally owned all of their own rights?

What if their music then only appeared on Spotify – and was nowhere to be seen on YouTube, Apple Music etc.?

That would be weird, right? That would make no sense.

In total, tracks by the 50 ‘fake’ artists we’ve rumbled below amount to over 520m Spotify streams.

By traditional rights-holder payout metrics, that’s worth more than $3m in royalty payouts.

And this is just what MBW knows about – almost certainly the tip of the iceberg.