Monday, July 10, 2017

"The inside story of how 'Spider-Man' star Tom Holland went undercover in a NYC high school to prepare to be Peter Parker"

Marvel wanted Holland to shadow a student who was pursuing a STEM curriculum similar to what Parker would be studying, and Bishop quickly emerged as a prime candidate. As a senior, Bishop was captain of the school's robotics team, and was taking high-level science classes.

Bishop — a big Marvel fan who lists Iron Man as his favorite Avenger due to his love of robotics — quickly agreed to let Holland shadow him for a couple of days.

"I've never been huge on celebrities, I never followed that sort of stuff," Bishop told Business Insider. "But I thought it'd be a really cool experience."


Holland would put on an American accent and introduce himself to other students as Arun's cousin Ben. Any questions about how he got into Bronx Science without taking the entrance exam would be explained away by saying his father was in the military and had recently been stationed in New York.

The plan was almost foiled from the start.

The school had provided Holland with an ID card so that he could swipe in at the beginning of the day. However, instead of creating one with a unique card number, they instead made a copy of Bishop's with a different photo and name. When the pair went to get into the school, the system registered it as someone trying to swipe in twice, and sounded the alarm. Security came over, but they were able to explain the situation and carry on without attracting too much attention.