Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Reddit post from last month, "What is Oklahoma State selling to recruits?"

I want to preface this by saying I know this will come off as critical of OK State. But I want to make it clear that this is just in comparison to the schools with which they are competing for recruits.

In the past few days, 2 more recruits (David McCormack and Elijah Weaver) have put Oklahoma State in their final X list. Now, I could be wrong, but it sure feels like the past couple years there have been a lot of great recruits seriously considering the Cowboys (although it doesn't seem they've been getting picked by these top guys).

Anyways, I don't know what I'm missing, but I just don't see what's getting them on these lists. They really don't check off any of the boxes that would give them an edge on other P5 or elite programs.
And the news today.