Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"Two brothers have sent their toy pirate ship on a North Sea voyage"

it traveled 390 miles to Denmark where it was picked up by a family, who contacted the Fergusons via Facebook with photos of them with the boat before returning it to the sea.

From there, it traveled to Sweden where it found its way into a tree, found by a woman in her boat who did some running repairs before setting it off on its latest voyage, this time to Norway.

"Partly because it was going to waste, we used the Playmobil boat but also as it was more eye-catching for people to pick up rather than leave it where it is," he says. "It's obviously worked better than it ever could have."

Its last appearance was in Norway, where it was found by a crew member aboard a conservation vessel a quarter-of-a-mile off the Norwegian shoreline.

"It made it to three countries in just about six weeks which is incredible," says Ferguson, with an infinitely more demanding journey now under way.

It was put on board the Christian Radich, a fully-rigged ship, and pushed into the waters towards Cape Verde in the Atlantic Ocean.