Friday, September 1, 2017

"Donald Trump Jr. will be paid $100,000 to speak at the University of North Texas’ Kuehne Speaker Series on Oct. 24"

UNT Spokesperson Kelley Reese commented Friday on Donald Trump Jr. speaking at UNT’s Kuehne Speaker Series, saying the university welcomes and supports differing points of view.

“As a university, we present a number of speaker series,” Reese said. “We bring a wide array of speakers and events into the institution as part of our educational mission.”

Reese said the series has the aim of presenting timely and stimulating perspectives on the world in regards to national security, the economy and topics of interest to the university.

Reese also noted the Kuehne Speaker Series is supported by donors and the payment for the event does not include state appropriations or student tuition and fees.