Wednesday, September 6, 2017

From July, "Colin Trevorrow Defends 'Star Wars: Episode IX' Directing Gig After 'Book of Henry' Reviews"

In response to Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's recent exit from the untitled Han Solo film over creative differences, Trevorrow critiqued the tabloid response to the fallout. "Movies are very personal, and art is very personal, and for people to try to turn that into something that is salacious or something that will get clicks is frustrating and sad for me because I know that [movies] mean a lot to everyone involved," he said. "And everybody involved in that movie is passionate about it and worked on it very hard and continues to work on it very hard."


Trevorrow told THR about the influence that Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy has had on his career. “Kathy is someone who has been a mentor my entire life, but I didn’t know it until I started working with her, and I saw how much of her soul and of her storytelling skill and her ability to read into the humanity of an individual goes into the films that she makes and how much of what I’ve loved about so many of those films came from her,” he said. "It’s something that I learn more about everyday. At this moment, she is really my key collaborator in what I’m doing