Thursday, September 7, 2017

"Texas A&M-Commerce's Luis Perez is the most interesting man in DII football"

The right-handed gunslinger did not play a single down of varsity football in high school.


"My sophomore year I decided I was going to go the bowling route."


He walked on at Southwestern, on the junior college circuit. Of course, if he won the job straight out of the gates, this wouldn't be half the story it is.

"I was a ninth-string quarterback going in,"


One of his great gandfathers was a famous bullfighter, credited with making it the event that it has become. His other great grandfather, as well as a great uncle, were professional opera singers. He has a great uncle — Luis Gimeno, Jr. — who happens to be one of the most famous actors in Mexico City. His grandmother was a professional ballet dancer, which she passed on to his mother, who still teaches dance (although he makes it very clear that the dancing genes were not passed down his way). His father was