Thursday, September 14, 2017

Two Cleveland Indians pitchers are creating likenesses of each of their teammates out of baseballs

They are Indians pitchers Carlos Carrasco and Trevor Bauer and, to fill the downtime with which every starter contends over the course of a long season, they launched a project. Their aim is to create a likeness of each of their teammates. Their medium is, of course, baseballs.

The 26-year-old Bauer contributes ideas and fine facial features, and Carrasco, who is 30, generally handles the rest. Each doll takes two or three days, from conception to final product.


The pitchers strive to represent the characteristics that make each of the Indians unique. Brandon Guyer’s doll has tiny baseballs affixed to his face, as the plate-crowding outfielder was the league’s hit-by-pitch leader in 2015 and '16. Staff ace Corey Kluber’s has red Terminator eyes in honor of his nickname, Klubot. Bauer has a patchy chin beard and a drone, fashioned from tongue depressors and thumb tacks, attached to his cap, memorializing the hobby that led him to famously cut his finger during last year’s World Series.