Wednesday, October 4, 2017

"A Chat with the Viral 'Monopoly Man' Who Trolled the Equifax Senate Hearing"

On Wednesday, former Equifax CEO Richard Smith testified before the Senate Banking Committee. Smith retired late last month to spend more time with the $90 million windfall he’ll collect after overseeing a stupefying data breach that released personal information on as many as 145.5 million people. The potential damage from this breach could will probably stretch out over a very, very long time, but we’re only on the second day of Smith’s testimony.

Today, though, there was someone interesting peering over Smith’s shoulder: the Monopoly Man (also known as Mr. Monopoly or Rich Uncle Pennybags). As the hearing went on, Pennybags, complete with mustache and top hat, held up a Get Out of Jail Free card and mopped his brow with an oversized hundred dollar bill. Twitter ate it up.

Pennybags is Amanda Werner, a campaign manager at the nonprofit advocacy groups Americans for Financial Reform and Public Citizen, who does not usually dress like an early 20th century tycoon. Werner spoke briefly to me about Equifax, forced arbitration and where Mr. Monopoly was on day one of Smith’s testimony.