Wednesday, October 4, 2017

"The Needle Drop pioneered music review vlogs. His lesser-known channel pandered to the alt-right"

The most famous music critic on Earth has never written a Pitchfork review. He’s never appeared in Rolling Stone or dropped a blurb in The New York Times. He's a bald vegan from Connecticut named Anthony Fantano whose thoughts on everyone from Kanye West to Parquet Courts have so far attracted a combined 260,000,000 views on his YouTube channel, The Needle Drop.


Up until this afternoon, October 3, Fantano had another booming YouTube channel — practically unknown outside of his fanbase, but immensely popular within it — called thatistheplan.


Until today, Fantano updated it regularly, posting dense videos full of references to memes and other YouTube channels you probably haven’t heard of. His vocabulary took on a screechy, 4Chan-friendly slant — video titles from the past year include “pepe the frog triggers hillary clinton,” “I CHANGED MY GENDER CUZ DONALD TRUMP,” and “MEGA-CUCK SAYS POKEMON GO IS LIKE DOGFIGHTING.” He raged against SJWs and feminists, and, in video after video, treated black musicians as a punchline.