Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"I think most people are like me inasmuch as they spend a fair amount of their downtime imagining how they would handle being suddenly thrust into a Mirrorverse situation"

Moreover, I suspect that, like me, most of us would overestimate our ability to blend in and become sleeker, more predatory, manipulative shark-versions of ourselves. “At last,” the delusion goes, “the civilized veneer is stripped away and I am revealed as the ruthless survivor I have always believed myself to be, for some reason.” None of us are ever cannon fodder in our own darkest timeline, just like none of us ever imagine we’re going to be part of the culled herd in the early stages of an apocalypse. In truth, my Mirrorverse equivalent is long dead; I lack both the reflexive, in-the-moment brutality necessary to kill off a suddenly-traitorous friend as well as the long-term planning skills necessary to outmaneuver a ship full of evil schemers.
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