Thursday, January 25, 2018

At three years old, "she already has more than 3 million Instagram followers"

Mila and her twin sister, Emma, have grown up on their mom’s Instagram account. “Welcome to the world sweet nameless girls,” the caption on a photo from 2014 reads — the babies’ faces are new and puffy, their eyes closed. Their C-sections were posted to Katie’s YouTube account the following year.

Last month, I met the Stauffer family at their home on a quiet street in Arizona, hoping to see what it is actually like to run an Instagram business empire centered around a toddler.
Prior to the publication of this article, Katie posted an Instagram Story to her millions of followers, tagging my Instagram handle, saying that I conducted the interview under false pretenses.


Katie said that on an average day, she usually has a certain number of photos she has to take to fulfill obligations to her sponsors. She also needs to take “normal” pictures to ensure her feed isn’t all ads.